Your daily ritual for performance, beauty & wellness.

Naturally flavorful tea that helps you focus better, think faster and live happier


Self-care for the
mind, body and spirit.

We reimagined tea with essential nutrients that can help women achieve their optimal state.

Sharper Mind
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Sharper Mind

Healthier Body
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Healthier Body

Beauty Focused
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Beauty Focused

Happier YOU!
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Happier YOU!

Explore our tea

Get a morning boost and start your day with an extra spark of energy.

Relax and get your much deserved beauty rest.

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Vote to select our next performance tea, and get a chance to win our full line of tea for you and 2 other friends.

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Helps soothe period pains.

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Heaven on Earth

Make everyday your happiest day.

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Your new,
healthy lifestyle

Take care of yourself one sip at a time. With our flavourful tea designed to complement your lifestyle, getting the benefits of natural ingredients will be a delightful experience.

Exceptional quality and taste

Innovative, unique flavours & natural ingredients in pyramid tea bags.

Daily wellness

Packed with plant-based goodness that’s designed for your daily health rituals.

Consciously blended

Our products are meticulously blended with only the purest ingredients and without the use of chemicals and fillers.


Tea 101 and Life

Discover delicious tea blends, health benefits, brewing tips, and inspiring women who embody our lifestyle.


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Here’s to a
happier you!